​The Ministry of Health’s Food Service warns against consuming the alcoholic drink marked:
"San Francisco, BRANDY SINCE 1967, SFB XO, XO BRANDY, 40 $ Alc. By vol. 200ml  Strength: 40% alcohol in volume”.

In the product tested in the laboratory of chemistry, health and environment at the Israel Standards Institute, an irregularity was found in the content of methanol in the beverage, which is higher 100 times than the requirements of the Israeli standard for alcoholic beverages (Israeli Standard 1572).

The tested product has a gold color cork (and not with a different color). The bottle label is ‎marked with a "30 “agrot” deposit” (instead of "agorot") and there is no Kashrut mark.‎

Please pay attention that in a similar product with characteristics different from those described was found with no deviation in ‎the methanol level.‎

High doses of methanol can cause side effects, such as dizziness, weakness, confusion, headaches, vomiting, abdominal pain, and convulsion. Drinking methanol can cause blindness as a result of optic nerve injury and even death.

The issue is under investigation by the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Health.

The Food Service Warns of Consuming Alcoholic Drink