Bank of Israel hosted over the past two days a delegation from de Nederlandsche
Bank, the central bank of the Netherlands, headed by the President of de
Nederlandsche Bank (DNB), Mr. Klaas Knot. The delegation included Mr. Clovis
Hopman of the Legal Services Division, and Ms. Saskia de Vries-van Ewijk, Head
of the International Financial Architecture Department at the Financial
Stability Division. The DNB president is conducting a round of visits to
countries in the IMF Executive Board constituency to which the Netherlands
belongs, a group in which Israel has been a member for many years. During the
course of the visit the delegation met with members of the Bank of Israel’s
Monetary Committee, and President Knot addressed the Bank’s management and
economists at the Bank. In his speech, the President focused on the various
challenges of managing monetary policy in the eurozone, with an emphasis on conducting
monetary policy under a single currency, with various member countries that
have different economic features. President Knot’s presentation is attached.​


the visit, the DNB President also held meetings at the Palestine Monetary


of the Bank of Israel Dr. Karnit Flug said, “Israel’s economy is impacted by
the global economy, and there is great importance to professional dialogue and
international cooperation. I am happy for the opportunity to host the President
of DNB in Israel, for the chance to learn about the manner of dealing with the
complex issues faced by the ECB at this challenging time, and to present
developments and policy measures in Israel.”​