of Banks Dr. Hedva Ber visited branches of Mercantile Discount Bank, Bank Leumi
and Bank Hapoalim in Kfar Kassem on Thursday. 
The visits were part of a tour of branches that the Supervisor conducts
on a regular basis throughout Israel.  MK
Issawi Frej (Meretz) also participated in the visits.


Supervisor and MK Frej spoke with managers and employees of the banks, as well
as with a number of customers, and gained a good impression of the activity at
the branches.  The banking system has
greatly expanded its activity among the Arab community in recent years, and
this is reflected in a significant increase in the number of branches in Arab
localities, which stands in stark contrast to the continuing decline in the
number of branches in the banking system as a whole.  In addition to the increase, there is a
marked increase in credit to households and small businesses, and an increase
in other banking services.


of Banks Dr. Hedva Ber said, “In recent years, many banks have significantly
increased the number of branches that have opened in localities within the Arab
sector, as the sector and its activity have grown.  The increase in the number of branches is
even more prominent in view of the decline in the number of bank branches in
the large cities.  By focusing on the
Arab sector, the banks are increasing competition, which benefits the private
and business customers in the sector.”


Issawi Frej (Meretz) said, “There is no dispute that in recent years, banking
services have become more available to the Arab community.  Where we once were used to traveling to neighboring
cities to visit a bank branch, today the bank branches have come to Kfar Kassem
and to many other Arab localities, and this is a welcome development.  The authorities must ensure the personal
safety of the bankers and customers in those branches, and must also increase
supervision over the provision of exaggerated credit, which may lead people to
a situation in which they cannot meet the burden of payments.  They must also make sure to prevent
discrimination in interest rates between the Jewish and Arab sectors.


issue that it would be good for the banks to continue advancing is the
contribution to the community. The promotion of financial education for teens,
and community involvement and promotion, are basic conditions for strengthening
the banks’ connection with the communities in which they operate.  The banks make tremendous contributions to
the community, but it is important that a significant part of those
contributions and that community involvement come directly to the Arab society.”

In photos:
The Supervisor of Banks Dr. Hedva Ber, MK Issawi Frej, and Poalim, Leumi, and Mercantile Teams.

Visit by the Supervisor of Banks to bank branches in Kfar Kassem

Visit by the Supervisor of Banks to bank branches in Kfar Kassem
Visit by the Supervisor of Banks to bank branches in Kfar Kassem