Underground warfare, tactical breaching, and robotics are just a few of the specializations that the Lotar Counter-Terror School teaches IDF (Zahal) soldiers. These instructors are responsible for training all IDF (Zahal) units in counter-terrorism. They are combat soldiers who train others and, if needed, take part in operational activities.

The school is divided into different sections according to specialization:

Everything you need to know about the Lotar Counter-Terror School


The main responsibilities of snipers are precisely hitting targets from distances and providing cover for squads. Combat soldiers who serve in special forces units come to the Lotar Counter Terror School for a ten-week-long sniper’s course with professional sniper instructors. Sniper instructors need outstanding precision, as well as the ability to maintain extreme focus under pressure.

Underground Warfare

Though underground warfare is still being perfected, IDF (Zahal) soldiers learn the latest techniques. Instructors must complete a seven-week-long teaching course in which they gain in-depth knowledge of underground warfare. These instructors train soldiers to think outside of the box, respond quickly, and anticipate the unexpected.

Everything you need to know about the Lotar Counter-Terror School


These instructors break through doors for the teams they accompany during operations. They identify the type of door in order to choose the appropriate tools to breach it as quietly and efficiently as possible. Recruits drafting to the breaching team don’t need prior training to join, but they do need to work independently, make decisions under pressure, and pass an eight-week-long course.

Climbing, Rappelling, and Rescuing (CRR)

The CRR is the only team in the Lotar Counter-Terror School which requires previous training. Soldiers are expected to come with climbing and rappelling experience. CRR is crucial in underground warfare and special operations.


Soldiers who enjoy playing video games often look to join the IDF (Zahal) Robotics Team. Robotics instructors come with a basic knowledge of technology and an ability to learn quickly. The Robotics team is split into two sections: operational and instructional. Soldiers in the warfare section join operations and assist  squads with robots. The instructional team teaches combat soldiers how to use the robots.

Everything you need to know about the Lotar Counter-Terror School


All combat soldiers, from recruits to officers, need to fire quickly and precisely. Shooting instructors, who go through an eight-week-long course, are responsible for teaching these combat soldiers speed and accuracy. The shooting instructors are always in the field, teaching soldiers how to use their guns properly in all sorts of scenarios.

Counter Terror Unit (CTU)

The CTU specializes in teaching counter-terror tactics and high-altitude warfare. They train crisis intervention units of the IDF (Zahal) – units that deal with complex operations, such as hostage situations. The team’s soldiers also serve in the field when necessary. The CTU team includes the “monkeys,” an IDF (Zahal) team that specializes in high altitude warfare.

The “monkeys” are combat soldiers and instructors who work at high altitudes to neutralize threats and rescue hostages. This unit rappels from rooftops to enter through windows, which is how the unit got its nickname. The monkeys’ highly-specialized training lasts 17 months.