The publication presents information on activity in the Internal and Intensive Internal Medical Departments
​The publication "Hospitalization in Internal Medical Departments 2000-2015" presents information on activity in the Internal and Intensive Internal Medical Departments, including: characteristics of hospitalization and hospitalized patients, rates by age and gender, hospitalization patterns and length of hospitalization and repeated hospitalizations.

Main findings:

  • Number of hospitalizations: In 2015, 296,200 hospitalizations were recorded for 197,600 hospitalized patients in Internal Medicine Departments
  • Hospitalization rate: The rate of hospitalization in Internal Medicine Departments is on a downward trend. The age-standardized rate dropped to 46.7 per 1,000 people in 2015, a one percent decrease from 2014, 16% from 2010, and 29% from 2000.
  • Average age: In 2015, the average age of hospitalized patients was 67 years and the median age was 71 years.
  • The number of hospitalization days: In the past decade there were 1.3 million hospitalization days a year, 1,373.6 in 2015.
  • Rates of hospitalization days: The rate of hospitalization days adjusted by age is in a downward trend in Internal Medicine Departments decreased by 29% since 2000, by 9% from 2010 and by one percent from 2014.
  • Percentage of 65 aged and above: In 2015, 63% of hospitalizations were for those aged 65 and above, 43% of those aged 75 and over, and 18% of those aged 85 and above, up from 59%, 35%, and 11% respectively, in 2000. Half (50%) of hospitalization days were those aged 75 and above, and 22% of those aged 85 and above, up from 41% and 14%, respectively, in 2000.
  • Insurer factor (HMO): The rate of hospitalization of those insured by Clalit and Leumit is high in all age groups compared to Maccabi and Meuhedet. Since 2007, the standardized rate has decreased in all HMO’s, in Maccabi by 21%, Clalit by 17%, in Meuhedet by 14% and in Leumit by 13%.
  • Sojourn: The average sojourn in Internal Medicine Departments was stable from 2000, three days. In 2015, 59% of hospitalizations were up to 4 days, 23% were 4-6 days, and 19% were one week or more.
  • Short Time Hospitalizations: 24% of hospital admissions in Internal Medicine Departments were up to one day; 4% of patients were admitted and released on the same date, and 20% were discharged the day after they were hospitalized.
  • Sojourn Accumulated Average per Patient per Year: in 2015, the cumulative sojourn was 6.9 days, as in 2004, at the age of 45-54, the sojourn was low, 5 days, versus 8.4 days at 75-84 and 8.8 days at age 85 and above.
  • Recurrent Hospitalizations: In 2015, 20% of hospitalizations in Internal Medicine Departments were recurrent hospitalizations within a month and 8% within a week, a relatively stable percentage since 2000. The percentage rises with age, 23% of hospitalized patients aged 75 and over had repeated hospitalizations within a month, 21% at the age of 65-74, 17% at 45-64, and 11% at the age of 15-44. The percentage was higher as the length of hospitalization in the base hospitalization was higher, 15% -19% for patients who were 2-4 days, 21% -24% for patients who were 5-8 days, and 26% -27% for patients who were 9 days or more in the base hospitalization.