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Lebanon Syrians freeze to death crossing mountains into Lebanon

Lebanon Islamic State Lebanon disrupts ISIS cell plot using informant

Israel Hezbollah accuses Israel of Sidon bombing

Israel Hamas +1 Palestinian family fatally shoots relative suspected of spying for Israel

Israel Gaza Strip +1 Gaza family kills relative after Hamas says he aided Israel

Guinea +1 Saudi cleric killed in rural Guinea after preaching

Israel Palestinians Palestinian family shoots dead relative suspected of spying for Israel

United States Baltimore +1 Synagogue, Jewish school fire Baltimore rabbi over molestation charges

Israel Palestinians +1 Palestinian woman caught with knives outside Hebron holy site

I used to check the Sabbath eruv

Israel +1 West Bank Soldier injured in West Bank car ramming attempt near popular baptism site

Freedom and justice don’t just happen

Israel +1 Gaza Strip +3 Liberman: Escaped terrorist ‘living like a fleeing dog on borrowed time’

Kurdistan +3 Kurds Turkey launches Syria offensive against Kurdish faction

India +2 Mahmoud Abbas +2 Netanyahu: If Abbas rejects the US as mediator, he doesn't want peace

Israel Netanyahu Goldin family to Netanyahu: Hold Jenin terrorist's body until Hadar returned

Lessons from Hiroshima

Russia Holocaust Russian FM Lavrov warns against reviving Nazis at exhibition

Israel +1 Jerusalem +1 Israel’s new envoy to Jordan to be named in coming days, Netanyahu says

Israel Palestinians +1 Israeli Border Police arrests Palestinian woman armed with knives

Israel Hamas Hamas executes accused spy for Israel

North Korea +2 Russia will abide by all of its international commitments on North Korea

Israel Palestinians Battle of Jenin

United States Donald Trump Trump appointee quits after CNN unearths anti-Muslim rants

Syria +1 Turkey says Syria offensive 'de facto' underway

United States Donald Trump Trump appointee quits after CNN unearths anti-Muslim rants

Somali authorities say troops rescue 32 children from 'terrorist school'

Israel West Bank Ramming attack at Qasr el Yahud in the West Bank, three wounded

Somali authorities say troops rescue 32 children from "terrorist school"

Russia +2 Saudis US oil output is booming and seen outpacing Saudis, Russia

Israel +1 Gabbay: It's too bad we have a photo-chasing prime minister

Europe Woody Allen +1 Woody Allen: Prolific film legend stained by scandal

United Kingdom Kings +1 Suspect package near London's Kings Cross station deemed non-suspicious

Russia Russian student injures six in an axe attack at his school

Woody Allen Firth rebukes Woody Allen over daughter’s molestation claims

Israel +1 Hamas +1 Minister Lieberman: Hamas is attempting to grow in South Lebanon

Woody Allen Woody Allen gets hit with a wave of #MeToo backlash

The High Price of Quiet

Israel +1 IDF Soldier lightly wounded in Jordan Valley attempted car ramming

Poland Holocaust +1 "No Resting Place--Holocaust Poland" Sears and Stuns as it Probes

Israel Support Israel's sovereignty

Kurdistan +1 Kurdish YPG +1 Kurdish YPG says Turkey shelling Afrin heavily

Canada Pallywood Arrives in Canada

Kurdistan +1 Kurdish YPG +1 Kurdish YPG says Turkey shelling Afrin heavily

Lieberman: 'Terrorists will pay the full price'

Israel IDF +1 IDF soldier very lightly wounded after being hit by Palestinian car; police investigating incident

Syria +1 Minister Turkish Minister: Our operation in Syria's Afrin has started 'de facto'

Israel Holocaust What made Muslim Albanians risk their lives to save Jews from the Holocaust?

Syria +1 Turkish minister says military operation in Syria's Afrin should happen without delay

Syria +1 Military Turkish minister: Military operation in Syria should happen without delay

Israel IDF Losing control, rabbis are fanning the flames in the IDF

Hungary Hungary plans ‘Stop Soros’ laws amid refugee row

Iran Authorities amputate hand of convicted thief in Iran — report

Israel Palestinians Four Palestinians arrested near Jenin

Ramming attack at Qasr el Yahud, three wounded

The story we tell

India +1 Netanyahu +1 In India, a late Thanksgiving for Netanyahu

United States Pentagon +4 Spielberg: ‘The urgency to make The Post was because of this administration’

Israel Israeli kidnapped for 2 days over debts

Israel +1 Palestinians +3 US State Department withholds additional $45 million from UNRWA

Israel Minister +1 Prime Minister Netanyahu meets Bollywood stars, event ends with a selfie

India +1 Delhi +2 India’s Modi to visit Ramallah next month

Israel 15 hurt, 4 seriously in accidents linked to stormy weather

Germany Germany establishes an antisemitism commissioner

Minister Defense Minister to visit wounded special op officers

Israel +1 Donald Trump Pence has long pushed for Trump policies on Israel

Israel Storm +1 WATCH:Israel hit by massive winter storm

Sudan Reuters Sudanese authorities detain Reuters, AFP reporters in Khartoum

Israel +1 Jerusalem +1 US embassy to move to Jerusalem in 2019 – administration official

Israel +1 Palestinians US won't pay $45 mln pledged for Palestinian food aid for now

North Korea +1 Olympics North Korea may hold military parade on eve of Olympics, analysts say

Russia Navalny +1 Russia's Constitutional Court rejects Putin critic Navalny's complaint

Russia Russian minister warns against reviving Nazis at exhibition

Car plows through Copacabana sidewalk, kills baby, injures 15

Israel terror Leader of terror cell that killed rabbi said to remain at large after Jenin raid

Israel Palestinians Palestinians: Raziel Shevah's killer not killed in Jenin

Mideast Comment: Mideast Christians' eyes turn to Pence

Israel Tel Aviv Stormy weather brings power outages, road closures and flood warnings

Israel Palestinians +1 Helping the Palestinians set up their own Start-Up Nation

This Jewish day school is hosting a drag queen Shabbat ceremony

Israel Stormy winter weather floods Israeli roads

United States Donald Trump Trump administration appeals against 'Dreamer' ruling to top court

Egypt +3 Donald Trump +2 Pence heads to Jerusalem, epicenter of rift with the Palestinians

India +1 Netanyahu India, where Israel's image is positive

Israel +1 Palestinians Trump’s flip-flop-flip on UNWRA no surprise for his tempering security advisers

Europe +1 Holocaust Opening Holocaust exhibition, Russian FM warns against reviving Nazis

Israel Netanyahu +2 Labor MK questioned in 'Yediot Aharonot affair'

United States Africa +5 Nikki Haley voices regret to African UN envoys after Trump slur

Germany +1 Africa +1 Julius Lester, African-American scholar who converted to Judaism, dies at 78

Iran +1 Donald Trump +1 US lawmakers aim to tighten terms of Iran nuclear deal

Israel +1 Donald Trump +3 Trump administration plans to move US embassy to Jerusalem by 2019

Israel +1 Donald Trump +3 U.S. to convert existing Jerusalem facility into embassy for 2019 opening

Chile Pope +1 Pope marries couple on papal plane in Chile

United States Breaking down stereotypes, Jewish day school to host drag queen Shabbat ceremony

Ethiopia +1 Africa +2 African UN envoys suggest Trump meet leaders in Ethiopia after 'shithole' remark

Europe +1 Nine dead as huge storms batter Europe

Guatemala +1 General Assembly +3 FOZ honors Guatemala for Jerusalem embassy decision

France +2 Donald Trump +1 Macron said to tell Abbas not to rule out Trump peace plan

United States Baltimore +2 A Painful Lesson On Child Sexual Abuse

United States Baltimore +2 ‘Kids Were Hurt. And Nothing Was Done’

India +1 What is India's de-hyphenation policy toward Israel and why does it matter?

United States Africa +2 Dozens of ex-US envoys to Africa urge Trump to reassess views

Israel English English-speaking immigrants can reignite Israel’s pioneering spirit

Israel +1 Caribbean +5 Trump’s Jerusalem decision and its Latin American, Caribbean impact

India +1 Netanyahu Bibi pitches Bollywood to turn popcorn into plane tickets

United Kingdom Britain +1 As I See It: Palestinianism is over – someone please tell the British

Kurdistan +3 Kurds +2 Syrian Kurds protest after Turkish threats of military action

Israel Know Comment: Israel is worthy and winning

Israel Good +1 My Word: Abbas’s speeches and narratives

Israel Palestinians Editor's notes: Taking relations to the next level

Israel +1 Donald Trump Column one: Israeli obstacles to peace

United States Snow +1 DIY Network apologizes for host’s anti-Semitic haggling slur

Europe +2 Tillerson to visit Europe next week for talks on Iran, Syria

Israel +1 PMO: Israel's Jordan embassy to resume full operations

France France to launch international group targeting toxic gas attacks

Israel Rambam Hospital: policeman seriously wounded in Jenin operation regained consciousness

Saudi Arabia Judge remains skeptical Sept. 11 Saudi claims can proceed

Iraq +2 Baghdad +1 ‘We’re going to attack Iraq,’ Israel told the US, ‘move your planes’

Turkey +1 Islamic State +1 US urges Turkey to remain focused on Islamic State

January January 19, 2018: Try teamwork

Israel Hamas Pressuring Hamas

United States California Grapevine: Remembering Raya

crisis Missed diplomatic opportunities

Israel +1 Jerusalem Israel to reopen embassy in Jordan, which touts apology over shooting

Europe +2 Tillerson to visit Europe next week for talks on Iran, Syria

Israel +1 Shabbat in the public sphere in the State of Israel

European Union +1 EU appeasement of Iran

Hungary +1 Donald Trump +1 Former Trump aide Sebastian Gorka wanted in Hungary — report

Israel +1 Jordan: Israel apologizes for killing of Jordanians by Israeli guard

Israel The Hundreds Hundreds commemorate Jewish sage at his tomb in southern Israel

Iran +4 United Nations US ambassador to UN chides N. Korea, Iran, Syria

India +1 Netanyahu +1 During PM Netanyahu's visit to India, Indian media reports PM Modi to visit PA

Chelsea F.C. UK’s Chelsea soccer club joins campaign to battle anti-Semitism

United States Teva +1 Teva hit as US hospitals form generic drug rival

Israel +1 Jordan says Israel apologises for killing of two Jordanians in embassy incident

Saudi Arabia HRW accuses Saudi Arabia of repression despite reforms

Lebanon Lebanese Report links hacking campaign to Lebanese security agency

Israel IDF Chief rabbi backs right-wing rabbi who called for firing IDF chief

Israel +1 Jordan: Israel apologizes for killing of two Jordanians by Israeli security guard

India +1 Netanyahu Space exploration cooperation agreement signed while Netanyahu in India

Vietnam Richard B. Spencer +1 White nationalist seeks to speak at Kent State on shooting anniversary

Israel Jerusalem The true problems in Jerusalem and their solutions

sexual Has #MeToo gone too far? Ansari story sparks debate

Israel The Hundreds Hundreds commemorate Jewish sage at his tomb in southern Israel

Israel Netanyahu +1 Sara Netanyahu may face no jail time even if convicted of an offense

Senior Housing Ministry official charged with fixing tenders for bribes

Belgium +3 Mahmoud Abbas +1 EU mum on Abbas speech because ‘we don’t comment on comments’

Sports associations to get funding on condition of Shabbat accomodation

Lebanon Lebanese Researchers link major hacking campaign to Lebanese spy agency

Hispaniola Island Exemplary of Half Empty-Half Full

Mahler Plays with Lego

Israel Observation: 'But she's not Jewish

Mr.Mubariz Gurbanli:"Cultural and religious diversity is our asset"

In plain language: Listen to the rain

Israel Amazon +1 Amazon entry into Israel gains momentum

Great leaders

Azerbaijan January Bloody "Black January" became the starting point for independence of Azerbaijan

Let`s talk about “Palestinian resistance”

Observation: Field of dreams in Kafr Kara

New study rules out worst-case global warming scenarios

million Having visited Brandeis once, man leaves school $8.4 million

Israel +1 Louisiana +1 New Orleans to reconsider boycott resolution cheered by BDS supporters

United States U.S DIY Network apologizes for airing antisemitic slur

Israel +1 Puerto Rico +1 Puerto Rico’s largest newspaper removes anti-Semitic column from website

Turkey Turkey's parliament votes to extend emergency rule for 3 more months

Poland +1 Donald Trump +1 Polish president thanks Trump for fighting 'fake news'

Israel Rivlin in visit to policeman wounded in Jenin: 'Those wishing to harm us will be found anywhere'

Teva Thu: Teva slide gains momentum

Elliott Associates seeks allies in battle for Bezeq

Germany German German lawmakers vote to install anti-Semitism commissioner

Bill Ministerial Committee on Legislation to consider anti-tobacco bill

Tunisia 5 detained over fire bombs thrown at Tunisia synagogues

Israel +1 City Council +4 New Orleans City Council to reconsider BDS resolution

Germany +1 German German lawmakers vote to install commissioner to fight anti-Semitism

Kurdistan +2 Damascus +1 Syria threatens to down Turkish jets over its Kurdish region

United States U.S rump says U.S. government 'could very well' shut down

United States California +4 Women set to march again as Trump triggers new era of activism

Turkey Turkey's parliament votes to extend emergency rule for 3 more months

Israel Gaza Strip +3 In the sand around Gaza, Israel and Hamas dig in a literal race to the bottom

Israel Jerusalem WATCH: The voice behind Israel's most influential women

India +1 Netanyahu WATCH: Muslims in India burn banners of Netanyahu in protest of PM's visit

Lebanon Research: Lebanon spy agency targets smartphone users worldwide

Cyprus +1 Cyprus denies bail for Israeli organ trafficking suspect

Dylan Farrow In first TV interview, Woody Allen’s daughter describes alleged assault

United Nations U.N.: 2017 was second or third warmest year, behind 2016

Israel IDF +2 IDF reveals new details about Islamic Jihad terror tunnel

Egypt +1 Egyptian +1 Egyptian president sacks intel chief, appoints replacement

Iraq +1 Baghdad +2 Iraq signs deal with BP to develop oil fields retaken from Kurds

Israel airport Israeli airline diverts flights ahead of stormy weekend

Israel +2 Lebanese +2 Lebanon court orders six-month jail term for journalist

Syria +1 Syria vows to oust US troops from country

North Korea +1 Olympics Health advisory issued to attendees of the Olympics in S. Korea

Israel Ryanair Ryanair backs down on Israel-only baggage charge

Israel Minister +1 A Likudnik mayor for Tel Aviv?

Arab Voices from the Arab press: the Tunisian revolution will not die!

Israel The Israeli women VCs taking on blockchain

Israel Jerusalem +1 Pope renews call to maintain Jerusalem status quo

HSBC HSBC sees shekel weakening

India +1 Israel India +2 Netanyahu: We need an Israel-India direct air route

Israel 29-year-old replacing Zubin Mehta at Israel Philharmonic

Aryeh Deri's 6th round of questioning ends after 4.5 hours

Germany +3 Deutsche Boerse +2 Iran’s central bank claims billions from German stock exchange

Iraq +1 Revealed: How close did Israel come to counterattacking Iraq in 1991?

Syria +1 Idlib Syrians displaced by Idlib assault take shelter near Turkey

Iraq +1 Baghdad +2 US Embassy in Baghdad says Washington opposes delaying Iraqi elections

Egypt Report: Egypt's Sisi appoints interim intelligence chief

terror At site of terror attack, 11-year-old Moshe Holtzberg thankful for life

Iraq +1 Baghdad +1 U.S. Embassy in Baghdad: U.S. government opposes delaying Iraqi elections

6 ways to stop sex abuse in the Jewish world

Austria +1 United Nations Syrian government to attend UN talks in Vienna

Egypt State TV: Egypt's Sisi appoints interim intelligence chief

United States Baltimore Baltimore in denial

Israel +1 Gaza Strip +1 Silicon Valley women visit to boost gender equality in Israel, Gaza tech scene

United States Donald Trump +3 Fake ‘Wolf Blitzer’ accepts fake Fake News award on Jimmy Kimmel

Top 10 things to do

Circumcision: Why risk your child’s welfare?

Israel IDF Women leap from the front lines to the headlines

Globes Blockchain goes beyond cryptocurrencies

Child rescued from Mumbai Chabad massacre makes emotional return

United States Jared Kushner +2 Jared Kushner's school asked students to sign letter praising embassy move

crash Calls mount for reining in Beduin camel owners after boy's death in crash

China +2 missile India test-fires missile amid perceived threats from China, Pakistan

Syria +1 Syria says it will shoot down any Turkish jets carrying out attacks inside Syria

Iraq Baghdad IS claims responsibility for twin suicide bombing in Baghdad

Update: Eitan Cabel identified as the MK questioned under caution in Case 2000

Talking music

Afghanistan +1 Afghan +1 Suspected Afghan Taliban member indicted in Germany

China +2 missile India test-fires missile amid perceived threats from China, Pakistan

Israel +1 Tel Aviv Palo Alto Networks opens new office in Tel Aviv

Mexico +1 Donald Trump Trump says border wall stance has not 'evolved,' Mexico will pay

United States DC +1 Rabbis and Jewish activists detained in DC while defending ‘Dreamers’

Israel IDF +1 Bennett apologizes for describing rabbi’s calls to fire IDF chief as ‘insolent’

Israel Netanyahu +1 Opposition MK, newspaper publisher grilled in Netanyahu corruption probe

Syria +1 Damascus Damascus warns Turkey against Afrin attack

India +1 Netanyahu +1 Netanyahu unveils memorial for Mumbai attack victims

Israel Israeli bus ticket app co HopOn raises $3.5m

Israel Hamas +1 After Jenin shootout, Hamas blasts PA-Israel security coordination

Israel +1 Donald Trump +1 But Trump is good for the Jews!

probe Arye Deri attends sixth round of questioning in fraud probe

Israel Did Baltimore’s Orthodox community turn a blind eye to child sex abuse?

Israel Shekel resumes gains

Poland +1 Auschwitz +1 12 convicted for slaughtering a lamb naked at Auschwitz

France +1 Akeneo buys Israeli product data automation co Sigmento

Israel +1 Microsoft Microsoft marks direction with appointment of new head of research in Israel

MK questioned under caution in Case 2000

Israel +2 Gal Gadot +1 American Muslim blogger turns down Revlon award over Gal Gadot role

France +1 AI French e-commerce company buys Israeli AI startup Sigmento

Syria +1 Syrian gov't: US military presence in Syria is act of aggression

Germany +1 German German foreign minister to visit Israel for INSS conference

Minister Minister Erdan: 'Terrorists are rats we'll catch in any hole'

India missile Report: India tests missile capable of carrying nuclear warheads during PM's visit

Israel 6-year-old boy dies after being hit by bus in Beit Shemesh

United States Donald Trump +3 Philip Roth calls Trump a ‘massive fraud’ and ‘boastful buffoon’

Israel Microsoft Microsoft names Assaf Rappaport head of Israel R&D

Syria +1 U.S Syrian gov't: U.S. military presence in Syria is act of aggression

Yehoshua Elitzur's remand discussions postponed

Israel Hamas Hamas: Jenin cell is not the first and won't be the last

Israel airport Lax airport security exposed as Burgas terrorist trial begins

India +2 Air +5 Netanyahu: Israel looking for ‘direct, simple’ flight route to India

Israel Hamas Terrorist in rabbi’s killing was a Hamas member, group says

Kazakhstan 52 people die in bus fire in Kazakhstan

Federal responsibility in nuclear attack alerts is unclear

North Korea +3 Donald Trump +2 Report: Russia rejects Trump allegation it violating UN sanctions on N.Korea

Egypt +3 Cairo +2 Pence visit exposes dilemma facing Egypt, Jordan over Jerusalem recognition

United States Starboard seeks to replace all of Mellanox directors in bid for control

Israel +1 Capitol Hill +3 Dozens of Jews arrested during pro-DACA Capitol Hill protest

Minister +1 Interior Minister Deri questioned for sixth time in graft probe

Gershon Salkind's Elco shares to be divided equally between sons

Europe Elbit Systems Elbit Systems wins $85m contract in Europe

Israel +1 Donald Trump +3 Netanyahu clarifies remarks on US Embassy in Jerusalem after Trump denial

Belarus +4 Barack Obama +1 Israel among few countries that like Trump more than Obama, poll finds

Syria +2 Turkey says US denial of Syrian border force plan 'important'

North Korea +3 Donald Trump +2 Russia rejects Trump allegation it violating UN sanctions on N.Korea

Boy aged 6 dies after being hit by bus

Israel +1 Donald Trump +3 PMO officials: no contradiction between Netanyahu and Trump's US Embassy comments

Israel IDF After neutralizing tunnels, IDF faces a new threat

United States Starboard escalates Mellanox fight

Israel +1 IDF +1 IDF soldier injured in Lebanon War dies after 31 years in vegetative state

Minister +1 Minister Aryeh Deri questioned again in corruption probe

Israel Netanyahu Netanyahu: We will bring to justice anyone who harms Israelis

Israel Terror victim's wife praises Israeli forces for capturing, killing his murderers

Israel Netanyahu Israeli leaders applaud operation targeting terrorists behind rabbi’s murder

North Korea +1 Tillerson: Evidence sanctions 'really starting to hurt' North Korea

Kurdistan +3 Kurds +1 Turkey says could act in Syria unless Washington withdraws support for Kurdish force

North Korea Kim Jong-un Tillerson says Kim Jong Un must 'tell me he wants to talk'

United States Donald Trump Trump vows to campaign intensively for Republicans, may avoid primaries

Mexico At least 33 bodies found in clandestine graves in Mexico

Kazakhstan Bus catches fire in Kazakhstan, killing 52

China +1 missile Russia starts shipping S-400 air defense missile system to China

Israel +2 Zoya Cherkassky paints her truth in first solo Israel Museum exhibition

Israel Netanyahu +1 Sara Netanyahu’s lawyers to attorney general: Drop indictment

Israel +1 Donald Trump +2 Israeli officials: Trump considering ‘interim measures’ to speed up embassy move

Bill +1 Bill that lets ministers choose legal advisers passes first reading

Israel Two counter-terrorism Border Policemen wounded in Jenin, now in hospital

Syria U.S U.S Secretary of State: U.S has no intention to build Syrian border force

Greece +1 Jewish and Muslim groups join to help refugees in Greece

Israel +1 Tel Aviv Mayor eats dog

Israel Anish Kapoor’s Genesis Prize money goes to five groups assisting refugees

United States Donald Trump +3 Trump reveals winners of controversial ‘Fake News Awards’

Israel Israeli marijuana is growing, but exports have nowhere to go