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Holocaust Krakow opens first kosher hotel post-Holocaust

Israel 12 lightly wounded in Haifa residential fire

Brazil Volkswagen says Brazil staff collaborated with dictatorship

Canada Barry Sherman +2 Canadian Jewish billionaire Barry Sherman, wife found dead in Toronto home

Indonesia Strong earthquake rattles Indonesia's Java island; 2 dead

Raising organic fowl isn’t a task for the chickenhearted

Austrian Leader of far-right Austrian party with Nazi roots to be next vice-chancellor

Russia +1 Deutsche Bank +3 US asks Deutsche Bank for info on Flynn-linked transactions

Australia +1 Netanyahu Australian billionaire says he gave gifts to Netanyahu at PM’s request

North Korea +1 Korea South Korean newspaper says North Korea behind attacks on cryptocurrency exchanges

Lebanon +1 million US returns to Lebanon relics stolen during civil war

Israel Diaspora Affairs: Will Israel ever accept Messianic Jews?

Iran +2 Mattis +1 Mattis emphasizes diplomacy in dealing with Iran

Get ready for more chaos, humor, and chutzpah as ‘Broad City’ preps a 5th season

Canada Ontario +1 Jewish pharmaceutical billionaire and wife found dead in Toronto home

Canada Barry Sherman +2 Canadian Jewish billionaire, wife found dead

Germany German +1 Mother-daughter duo bring back our favorite things with German-Jewish cookbook

Israel Jerusalem At 90, Israeli feminist pioneer wonders if women can ever have it all

United States Donald Trump US judge blocks Trump anti-contraception measure

United States Donald Trump +3 Liberal groups celebrate Hanukkah in Trump Tower — to protest president

allegations +3 Ari Shavit's 'comeback' event on hold following new sexual assault allegations

United States Chicago +2 As Trump lets in fewer refugees, Jewish aid group forced to cut back

Israel Oscar Israel's 'Foxtrot' gets shortlisted for Oscar's best foreign language film

Amendment banning politicking by houses of worship survives repeal bid

Iran Iran sanctions trial judge slams 'foreign conspiracy theory'

Israel +1 Jerusalem +6 Abbas plans to use conflict of interest clause against Jerusalem recognition

Israel Holocaust +1 Krakow opens first kosher hotel since the Holocaust

United States Listen to Elizabeth Warren: Antitrust action is the path to a better society

Israel +2 Donald Trump +6 Turkey's Erdogan pledges to act at UN in bid to cancel Trump's Jerusalem decision

Israel +1 Democratic +1 Race for top U.S. House committee position reflects Democratic Party's Israel dilemmas

Israel +1 allegations +2 Fresh sexual misconduct allegations cut short Ari Shavit comeback appearance

North Korea +1 South Korea says North close to 'weaponization'

Germany +2 Donald Trump +7 Police place ban on U.S. and Israeli flags at Berlin pro-Palestinian marches

Israel Ben Gurion +1 General strike over Teva job cuts to halt flights at Ben Gurion

Austrian +1 Austrian conservatives, far-right announce coalition deal

move Head of Hungary’s Jobbik renounces party’s anti-Semitic ways

Israel +1 Hanukkah +2 At Hanukkah event, Polish president gets menorah featuring Jerusalem

Iran +2 Turkish banker on trial denies helping Iran evade US sanctions

Ashley Judd +3 ‘Lord of the Rings’ director says Weinstein led smear campaign against accusers

Israel +1 Donald Trump +3 16 rockets in 9 days: Rocket fired from Gaza to Israel hits residential building inside Strip

Israel +1 Donald Trump +1 Trump administration 'can't envision' Western Wall not remaining part of Israel in future peace deal

Israel +1 Western Wall +1 White House signals Western Wall has to be part of Israel

United States Syrian US says it wants Syrian govt to negotiate 'seriously' with opposition

European Union +3 Palestinians +1 Palestinian terror group PFLP celebrates 50th anniversary in Berlin

Israel +1 Donald Trump +3 White House ‘cannot envision situation’ where Western Wall is not part of Israel

Germany +2 German +4 Holocaust survivors light Hanukkah candles in inaugural global ceremony

Egypt +1 Egyptian +3 IDF: Gaza rocket fired at Israel falls short, strikes house in Strip

Is the sky blue? How Wikipedia is fighting for facts by redefining the truth

Israel +2 Jerusalem +2 Pope to meet Jordan’s King Abdullah amid Jerusalem tensions

Turkey +1 Turkey wants former police investigator repatriated from US

Israel Gaza Strip Rocket fired from Gaza hits Gaza residential building

Israel +1 Donald Trump +3 Amid Jerusalem fallout, Trump envoy heads to Israel to try salvage peace push

Israel +1 Donald Trump +1 US 'envisions' Western Wall as part of Israel, senior Trump official says

Israel +1 Donald Trump +2 Trump's Mideast peace envoy Jason Greenblatt to travel to Israel next week

North Korea +2 US Sec of State Tillerson: No preconditions for North Korea talks

Israel +1 Holocaust Dutch professor questions Holocaust on TV, calls Jews ‘parasites’

Israel +1 Donald Trump +1 Traveling to Israel, Trump envoy expects cold shoulder from Palestinians

David Bitan +2 Key suspect in coalition whip graft probe released to house arrest

Israel December +1 Jewish Insider's Daily Kickoff: December 15, 2017

Lebanon Lebanon sets date of parliamentary elections for May 6

Israel +1 Donald Trump +1 Trump aide Greenblatt heads to Israel after Jerusalem announcement

Tillerson backtracks on NKorea stance

Netherlands Man with knife shot by police at Amsterdam airport

Israel +1 Donald Trump +1 Trump's Jerusalem declaration exposes the true essence of Zionism

Man with knife shot at Schiphol airport, taken into custody

The Reform movement is alive with the sound of music

Netherlands Man with knife shot by police at Amsterdam airport, building cleared

Germany +2 Palestinians Berlin police ban Israeli, US flags at pro-Palestinian demo

Lebanon election Lebanon interior minister signs law for May election

France +1 UN Syria +1 Despite failed round, UN Syria talks only viable peace effort, France says

Israel +1 Donald Trump +3 Three Palestinians killed, dozens hurt in clashes with Israeli forces in Gaza, West Bank

Israel +1 Gaza Strip +6 2 Palestinian protesters said killed in Gaza border clashes with IDF

Israel +2 Donald Trump +3 Erdogan: Muslim nations to go to UN over Jerusalem

Israel +2 Donald Trump +7 Erdogan: Turkey seeking to annul Trump decision on Jerusalem at UN

Israel Jerusalem Hatred of Israel is Jew Hatred: It Has Nothing to Do with the Jerusalem Embassy

Canada +1 Harry +6 Prince Harry, Meghan Markle to marry on Shavuot eve

Germany German +4 German Justice Minister: Holocaust must be bigger part of migrant courses

Israel +1 Jerusalem +4 Liberman: Abbas ‘still alive’ because of Israel-PA security coordination

North Korea +3 Donald Trump Trump says US wants Russia's help on North Korea

Belgium +1 Belgian +1 Belgian trial of Paris attacker Abdeslam postponed

Turkey +1 Donald Trump +2 Turkish President seeks to annul Trump's J'lem decision at UN

Israel +1 Donald Trump +2 Israel’s leaders atypically quiet after Abbas asserts their state is invalid

Israel +2 Arab +3 Thousands protest Trump in Arab-Israeli city of Sakhnin

Egypt +1 Kremlin +1 Russia to resume flights to Egypt, halted after 2015 bombing

Israel Gaza Strip 2 Palestinians injured in Gaza 'Day of Rage' riots

United States Donald Trump +3 Right decision. Wrong decider

Iran +1 Israel questions Iranian blogger after giving her asylum

Poland Polish Last hurrah for Jewish Żelechow?

Iran +3 Haley +2 Iran accuses US of trying to hide own role in Yemen war

United States Arab +1 Joint List: 10,000 protest Trump in Arab city of Sachnin

Israel +2 Donald Trump +3 Erdogan says Turkey seeking to annul Trump decision on Jerusalem at UN

Iraq United Nations UN appalled at Iraq's latest mass hanging

Russia +1 Donald Trump +2 Poll: Most believe Trump trying to obstruct Russia probe

United Kingdom Harry +4 Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to marry on May 19

Iran +2 Israel said to question Iranian blogger after letting her in from Turkey

Do some volunteer work

Israel Jerusalem Trump’s Recognition Of Jerusalem As Israel’s Capital And The Prospect Of A Two-State Solution

Israel How Jews and Christians can express their spirituality

Israel Palestinians +2 Israeli Border Police officer stabbed in Ramallah clashes

Israel Mahmoud Abbas +2 Violence erupts after prayers conclude in new Palestinian 'Day of Rage'

No free lunch for NYC’s Jewish and Muslim students

Israel Jerusalem +3 Palestinian stabs Israeli Border Police officer near Ramallah and is shot

Australia +1 Netanyahu PM shrugs off graft suspicions as ‘nothing’ after latest questioning

Israel West Bank Low-level clashes break out across West Bank for second Friday in a row

Israel Palestinians +1 Palestinian with suicide bomb belt stabs border guard during protest, is shot

Israel West Bank Israeli injured in West Bank rock-throwing attack

Israel Update: Israel Border Policeman lightly wounded in stabbing attack in Ramallah, terrorist shot

Israel Palestinians +1 Report: Palestinian attempts to stab Israeli policeman in West Bank, terrorist neutralized

Stabbing attack thwarted near Beit El

Australia +1 Netanyahu +1 Netanyahu finishes seventh round of police questioning in graft probe

Israel +1 Donald Trump +4 Despite Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, Pence’s visit to Western Wall expected to be 'private'

European Union +1 Hungary's PM says EU leaders did 'battle' over migration

Germany +1 German German president: Immigrants must reject anti-Semitism, it’s ‘non-negotiable’

Russia NATO sounds alarm on banned Russian missile system

North Korea +3 Donald Trump +2 Kremlin: Putin and Trump agreed to exchange information on North Korea

European Union +1 Jerusalem Labor chief tells EU envoys he ‘deeply’ supports two-state solution

Was Joseph the first Jewish economist?

Israel +2 Donald Trump +3 Police use tear gas to disperse Palestinian rioters in Bethlehem

Israel After brief clash in Bethlehem, police use tear gas to disperse crowds

Israel Jerusalem +1 Police brace for another round of Friday protests in Jerusalem

United States Chicago +1 Chicago parents fume over Hitler homework assignment

Iraq Shi'ite paramilitaries should be included in Iraqi state security bodies

Israel IDF The soldier with really good table manners

Israel Gaza Strip Gaza crossing reopens after one-day closure due to rocket fire

Hanukkah It’s OK God — we’ve got it covered

Russia Cold War +1 NATO concerned Russian missile system breaks Cold War pact

Israel +2 Donald Trump +1 Malaysia's Mahathir calls Trump a 'villain' for Jerusalem plan

Iraq +2 Behind The Lines: Who is Qais al-Khazali, and why should you care?

Israel Labour UK’s new Jewish Voice for Labour seeks to throw off the ‘shackles’ of Israel

Israel +1 Donald Trump Protest to take place in northern Israel against Trump's declaration

Hanukkah Journalist melts JSwipe with kitschy Hanukkah dress

Israel Sinai +1 NJ imam to be ‘retrained’ after hoping, in sermon, that all Jews die

Oh dreidel, dreidel, I made it out of… wire?

Teva General strike over Teva redundancies won't include public transport, special education

Iran +3 N.Korea Russia: Iran nuclear deal breakdown would hurt effort to manage N.Korea

United States Hanukkah +1 After 8th win, Israel’s Casspi lights Hanukkah candles on court

Israel Jerusalem +1 Police brace for another round of Friday protests in Jerusalem

Russia election Russian parliament sets March 18 as presidential election date

Russia +1 Britain Britain says West must defend undersea cables from Russian navy

Israel Jerusalem Man killed in late-night East Jerusalem brawl

North Korea +2 Russia says not ready to strangle North Korea economically

Libya +2 U.S +1 Russia says open to working with U.S. to try to resolve Libya crisis

Israel Netanyahu +1 Netanyahu questioned at his residence for seventh time over corruption suspicions

Germany +2 Donald Trump +5 Protesting Trump, Jericho shop denies entry to ‘dogs and Americans’

North Korea +2 Russia says not ready to strangle North Korea economically

Russia +2 Pentagon +1 U.S. fighter jets intercept two Russian planes in Syria, Pentagon says

Seventh round of questioning begins for PM in corruption probes

Israel Netanyahu Interrogators arrive at PM’s residence to question Netanyahu for seventh time

Teva Teva bought the pharm, and now it may have bought the farm

United States Islamic State +1 Feds: New York woman laundered bitcoin to aide Islamic State

North Korea +2 US North Korea negotiator says direct diplomacy needed

North Korea +2 Russia says high-level contacts with North Korea possible

North Korea +3 Donald Trump +4 Kremlin: Putin, Trump discuss bilateral relations, Korean Peninsula situation

Russia +1 Donald Trump +1 Trump speaks by phone to Russia's Putin

Israel Netanyahu +1 Netanyahu set to be grilled for seventh time in graft probe

Israel Minister +1 The Israeli governing coalition's near-death experience in the Shabbat wars

Algeria +5 England +1 Israel High Court on collision course with ICC over enhanced interrogation

United States Islamic State +1 New York woman laundered bitcoin to aide Islamic State

Israel Jerusalem +1 Trump’s Jerusalem steps will help the peace process, some experts say

United States Charlottesville +1 Charlottesville car attack suspect facing upped first-degree murder charge

Forget the candles, bring the fun: 5 of the kookiest menorahs around

North Korea +2 US North Korea negotiator says direct diplomacy needed

Israel Gaza Strip +1 Hamas struggles to put the jihadist genie of Salafism back in the Gaza bottle

Teva Politicians can decry Teva layoffs, but why did they give billions in tax breaks?

Israel +1 Gaza Strip +6 Forces brace for second week of Friday protests over US Jerusalem move

Israel Christmas +1 Jerusalem municipality distributing free Christmas trees

Google Tying record, machine finds eighth planet in distant solar system

Sweden million In extraordinary photos: The Swedes say a long goodbye to sunlight

Cuba +1 Once jailed for being a spy, Alan Gross is now fulfilling a lifelong dream in Israel

Israel +2 Donald Trump +2 Trump's outline for Israel and Palestinians

Israel Green +1 Jerusalem as the basis of a binational state

United States Hanukkah +1 North Carolina boy stands up to corporate America for Hanukkah

Israel Netanyahu Day of rage

Israel Oscar +1 Israeli film ‘Foxtrot’ shortlisted for foreign language Oscar

Israel Religious Zionists have defeated Israel's female soldiers

Japan +2 Japan adopts additional sanctions against North Korea

Israel Bitcoin In first, Israeli developer to accept Bitcoin as payment for apartments

Israel million Israeli IPOs: Interest in Holmes Place rises as Israeli startups get flagged

Dustin Hoffman +2 Dustin Hoffman accused of sexually assaulting women on ‘Ishtar’ set

Israel Teva +2 Why is Teva cutting 14,000 jobs? That's the million dollar question with a $40.5 billion answer

Lebanon 'Foxtrot' makes Oscars foreign film shortlist

Israel +1 U.S +1 Republican mega-donors Koch Brothers invest in Israeli startup

Israel +1 million Israeli blockchain firm Sirin Labs raises $115 million in initial coin offering

Israel +1 Jerusalem +3 In rare rebuke, J Street joins AIPAC in panning Abbas over Jerusalem speech

Israel Gaza Strip +1 Hamas not interested in another war in Gaza, Israeli defense officials says

Israel +1 American-Israeli siblings appeal for world's help to save brother

Iran +3 Haley +2 Houthis: US trying to distract from Jerusalem furor with Iran missile claim

Haaretz Cartoon

United States Donald Trump Trump security doctrine to offer stark vision of US going it alone

Israel +1 Moscow +1 Telling test on tap for Maccabi Tel Aviv in Moscow

Israel Maccabi Haifa hosts Bnei Yehuda post-Luzon

Israel Cup +1 Maccabi Tel Aviv captures Toto Cup over Beersheba

North Korea +3 Donald Trump +3 Putin, Trump discuss bilateral relations, Korean Peninsula situation

Israel Hamas +1 Court rules terrorist bodies can’t be held as bargaining chips

European Union +2 Jerusalem +2 In fresh rebuke, EU says Jerusalem stance unchanged

Europe +3 Donald Trump +2 In rebuke to Trump's Jerusalem move, EU leaders reaffirm commitment to two-state solution

Israel Gaza Strip +1 IDF officer says there are more Gaza tunnels leading into Israel

Israel +1 Donald Trump +3 White House: Mideast peace initiative could face 'temporary cooling off,' but still moving forward

‘Campaign of persecution’ against independent kashrut

Israel +1 Trump’s announcement a rare strategic opportunity

Israel Hamas COGAT to Arabic-language BBC: 'Hamas invests in tunnels, why not in hospitals?'

Democratic +2 FCC votes along party lines to end ‘net neutrality’

Syrian +1 Syrian opposition says UN talks are in "great danger"

Israel HQ +3 Netanyahu, Kahlon vow to limit Teva layoffs, prevent Jerusalem factory closure

Russia +2 Pentagon +1 U.S. fighter jets intercept two Russian planes in Syria, Pentagon says

Syrian +1 Syrian opposition says UN talks are in 'great danger'

Israel +1 Donald Trump +2 US ambassador to Israel lights menorah at Western Wall

Israel +1 Donald Trump +1 The Jerusalem museum where evangelicals go to feel good about themselves

Israel Mahmoud Abbas TERRA INCOGNITA: Abbas, Fakhri Nashashibi and the legacy of the mufti

Israel Netanyahu +1 Police to recommend Netanyahu stand trial in both graft cases — report

COLUMN ONE: Policy speeches vs policy

Syria United Nations UN calls Syria talks a "big missed opportunity," seeks new ideas

Germany +1 Anti-Semitism rampant among Muslim refugees in Germany — study

Hanukkah +1 Holocaust survivors worldwide celebrate Hanukkah

Iran +3 Will Iran under pressure go to war?

Russia +2 Air +2 US jets fire warning flares as Russian planes enters Syria buffer zone

Teva The change had to be made, Teva's CEO tells "Globes"

December +1 December 15, 2017: Not up to the job

Syria United Nations UN calls Syria talks a "big missed opportunity", seeks new ideas

Honey, the right wing has gone crazy

Israel Palestinians Footage shows Israeli soldier hitting Palestinian teen with his rifle

United Nations Last stand for UN hypocrisy

Israel December +1 MY WORD:Down memory lane with Allenby

Israel loss Secular Israel should also miss Rav Shteinman

Bitan's 'banker' released to house arrest

Iran +2 Haley +1 US presents ‘undeniable’ evidence Iran arming Yemen’s rebels with missiles

Hanukka: Time to ‘speak peaceably’ and ‘see the light’

Israel Islamic State +2 'They took over like ISIS': Religious war in West Bank town shows not all settlers were created equal

Iran +3 Haley +2 Nikki Haley at UN: Iran supplied Yemen's Houthis with arms, violated security council resolutions

Israel IDF IDF enlistment drops, not combat motivation

Syria Islamic State More than 20 Islamic State militants killed in Syria

Syria Assad +1 400,000 face starvation in Damascus as Assad blocks humanitarian relief

Israel Aliya stereotypes

Iran +2 Saudis +1 Saudis welcome UN report, US stand on Iran's missile supplies to Yemen's Houthis

European Union +2 Jerusalem +1 Greeting Vice President Pence

Iran +1 Saudis +1 Source: Saudis welcome UN report, US stand on Iran's missile supplies

Israel +1 Donald Trump +2 Three years of relative quiet shattered by Trump's Jerusalem declaration

Israel +2 Donald Trump +2 Gaza eatery offers discounts to North Koreans, if they ever arrive

Syria +1 Damascus +2 Dozens arrested in J'lem this week in protests against Trump announcement

Israel Christmas +1 GRAPEVINE: Three is a lucky number

United States Communications Commission +3 US Federal Communications Commission votes to repeal net neutrality rules

Israel Jerusalem SINAI TODAY:Hanukka and the eternal Jewish connection to the land

Israel Netanyahu PM Netanyahu to be questioned for 7th time at his residence Friday

Lebanon Lebanon approves first offshore oil and gas exploration

Teva Thu: Teva lifts TASE single handedly

Iran +1 Haley US envoy Haley says to forge anti-Iran coalition

Iraq Iraqi Shiite paramilitary chief seeks to put troops under national army

Iran Haley Iran says weaponry displayed by Haley is 'fabricated'

Syria +1 US-backed Syria fighters kill 20-plus IS fighters

Lieberman: law should be enacted allowing to hold terrorists' bodies for negotiations

Yesha Council heads to Deri: abandon plan to unify Shomron councils

Israel Hamas PM on HCJ ruling on terrorists' bodies: 'Hamas must not be given gifts'

Lapid to support law permitting hold onto bodies of terrorists

Egypt +1 Gaza Strip Egypt to open Rafah Crossing into and out of Gaza for 4 days

Iran +1 Haley US envoy Haley says to forge anti-Iran coalition

Israel +1 Christmas +1 Nazareth to observe most Christmas festivities despite anger over Trump

HCJ: State has no authority to hold bodies as negotiations bargaining chip

Turkey Tel Sheva youth missing in Turkey 3 months ago located safe and sound

Goldin family says HCJ ruling will 'exert pressure on PM to act'

Syria Damascus Dozens of youths throw rocks, bottles at cops near Damascus Gate

Israel Teva Economic damage from Teva's cutbacks will mainly be local

Iran Haley Iran says weaponry displayed by Haley is 'fabricated'

Israel Netanyahu +1 Filing defense, Sara Netanyahu denounces ‘bizarre’ abuse lawsuit

Israel +1 Tel Aviv US offerings in Tel Aviv a bonanza for underwriters

Russia +2 US official: US F-22 fire flares to warn Russian jets in Syria

Israel +1 Christmas +3 Nazareth cuts back Christmas celebrations to protest Trump's Jerusalem move

Germany +1 Holocaust +1 State Hanukka candle-lighting ceremony dedicated to Holocaust survivors

Syrian Syrian government won't talk with opposition

North Korea +2 Britain Britain says best way forward on North Korea is to intensify economic pressure

Saudi Arabia +1 Islamic State Arms supplied by US, Saudi ended up with Islamic State, researchers say

Financial +1 Will streamlining save Teva?

Bob +5 Jewish Insider's Daily Kickoff: December 14, 2017

Israel +1 Gaza Strip Gaza eatery offers discounts to North Koreans but no takers

Russia +2 US F-22 fire flares to warn Russian jets in Syria, according to official

Israel Minister +2 Teva CEO tells Netanyahu of hostile takeover risk

Harvey Weinstein +3 Weinstein denies sexual harassment claims by Salma Hayek

Israel +1 Donald Trump +5 Hamas will reverse Trump's Jerusalem move, leader tells Gaza rally

Kashriel still hopeful for Jewish Agency post

Never underestimate the devil, he’s smarter than we are, pope warns

Israel terror In landmark ruling, High Court decides Israel cannot hold bodies of terrorists

Israel Netanyahu +1 Netanyahu to be questioned for seventh time tomorrow, media reports

France +1 Judge rejects Polanski demand to shutter Israeli-led site

Israel +1 Sderot kindergarten hit by rocket invites US VP to light Hanukka candles

Israel Green +2 Police arrest over 400 Palestinian suspects in overnight raids

Israel +1 Arab New Zealand, one state for two nations

Israel +1 Gaza Strip Gaza restaurant offers discount to North Koreans, but there's one big problem

Germany +1 German Israeli police dog sniffs out illegal firearms

Israel HQ +2 In letter to Israeli PM, Teva CEO apologizes for drug-maker’s sorry state

Israel High Court: Israel can’t keep holding terrorists’ bodies without a law

Iraq +1 Instagram +2 Miss Iraq says family forced to flee country after she posted a photo with Miss Israel

India Hitler’s Hindus: The rise and rise of India’s Nazi-loving nationalists

Saudi Arabia +1 Donald Trump +1 Saudi Arabia says Trump peace efforts 'serious,' plan just needs a little time

Israel +1 Knesset +4 Snubbed by Abbas, US vice president to skip Palestinians on upcoming trip

A fitting tribute to Shira

Israel +1 Donald Trump +1 Skyrocketing support for Trump among Israelis

Israel Manhattan In embarrassment to Israel's N.Y. consulate, staff plans public protest over employment terms

Israel Gaza Strip +1 Israeli deterrence against Hamas has collapsed

Europe Thousands of mourners say farewell to Romania’s anti-Nazi king

European Union +1 Angela Merkel EU summit: Merkel calls for unity on migrants

Israel +3 Jerusalem +2 Turkey, Lebanon eye embassies to Palestine in East Jerusalem