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Russia +1 Russia: OPCW heading to site of alleged chemical attack in Syria's Douma

Russia +1 Russia: Inspectors heading to site of chemical attack in Syria's Douma

Israel +1 Natalie Portman +1 After refusing Israel visit, Natalie Portman won't choose where Genesis prize money goes

Germany +2 Germany: North Korea must disclose its nuclear and missile program

North Korea +3 Korea Russia calls on US, S.Korea to cut military activity after N.Korean move

Israel Palestinians Photographer says witnessed Palestinian teen being shot

Germany German German Neo-Nazis hold rock festival on Hitler's birthday

Fighting white racism with…anti-Semitism

Israel Gaza Strip +1 Please, Natalie Portman, don’t abandon Israel

United States New York New York fraternity suspended over racist, antisemitic video

Iran Iran MP slams Revolutionary Guards’ treatment of environmentalists

North Korea +3 Korea Russia calls on U.S., S.Korea to cut military activity after N.Korean move

European Union +1 Gaza Strip +1 EU says Israel must investigate death of Palestinian minor in Gaza clashes

European Union +1 Gaza Strip +1 EU calls for a 'full investigation' over Palestinian deaths in fourth Friday of Gaza protests

North Korea Kim Jong-un North Korea’s nuclear declaration: What it does and does not mean

Poland Holocaust A Polish Christian who preserves Jewish heritage

European Union +1 EU urges Israel to refrain from lethal force

North Korea +2 Sweden welcomes N. Korea's nuke suspension

Israel Jerusalem Seeking good homes: Rescuing Jerusalem's dogs from animal cruelty

North Korea +2 Britain +1 Britain hopes North Korean nuclear move will be positive step

Germany German Local battle continues over light rail in Jerusalem’s German Colony

European Union +2 Korea EU welcomes North Korean move on nuclear tests, urges denuclearization

Judges are not God

European Union +2 Korea EU welcomes North Korean move on nuclear tests, urges denuclearization

Syria Damascus Syrian state TV: Rebels set to quit enclave NE of Damascus

Israel Gaza Strip +2 Lieberman: Hamas leaders to blame for death of 15-year-old Palestinian in Gaza

Iran Rouhani slams officials’ ‘vow of silence’ in face of protests

Israel +1 Hamas +1 Hamas engineer assassinated in Malaysia; victim's family blames Mossad

Walking a mile in their (IDF) shoes

Israel Gaza Strip +3 Liberman says Hamas to blame for death of 15-year-old in Gaza

Israel Netanyahu 'It's not BDS, it's Netanyahu': Portman explains why she nixed prize ceremony in Israel

Iran +1 Rouhani: Iran has 'expected and unexpected' reactions if U.S. leaves nuclear deal

Political correctness is not in this best-selling pop-scientist’s vast lexicon

Iran +1 Rouhani: Iran has 'expected and unexpected' reactions if US leaves deal

Israel Gaza Strip Incendiary kite from Gaza causes fire in Israeli warehouse; none hurt

Israel Palestinians Greenblatt urges Palestinians not to respond to teen's death to avoid escalation

Israel +1 Hamas +2 Islamic Jihad blames Israel for assassination of Hamas-affiliated engineer

Israel +1 Hamas +3 Palestinians accuse Mossad after Hamas engineer shot dead in Malaysia

Israel +1 Islam +2 Senior Islamic Jihad leader accuses Mossad for the assassination of Palestinian engineer in Malaysia

China +2 Kim Jong-un +1 China welcomes N. Korea’s decision to halt nuclear tests

North Korea +2 Korea +1 N. Korea’s Kim promises no more nuclear or missile tests

Saudi Arabia Saudi women’s fitness center shut over ‘indecent’ video

Brazil Islam +1 Brazil journalist to be tried for allegedly urging ISIS attack

Malaysia Palestiian electrical engineer shot dead in Malaysia

United States Florida 1 student wounded in shooting at Florida high school

Israel Gaza Strip +1 Palestinians want independent probe of Gaza killings

North Korea +1 North Korea says will stop nuclear tests, scrap test site

China +2 China's foreign ministry welcomes North Korea nuclear test halt

Israel Gaza Strip +1 Flaming kite from Gaza sets Israeli warehouse ablaze

Iran +1 Israel at 70: What to do about Iran?

Israel Natalie Portman +1 Natalie Portman says not boycotting Israel, but Netanyahu for ‘atrocities’

France Paris +2 In Paris, the demise of some Jewish congregations is fueling revival in others

North Korea +2 Donald Trump North Korea says will stop nuclear tests, scrap test site

North Korea +2 Donald Trump Trump says progress being made by all, after N. Korea vow to stop nuclear tests

Israel +1 Knesset Internet rips into Regev for supposed invite to Thatcher for 70th ceremonies

Israel Israel at 70: Looking ahead at the next chapter in Israel's history

Germany German +1 Hundreds of neo-Nazis attend far-right festival in German town

China +5 Washington, D.C US State Dept. brands China and Russia ‘forces of instability’

Japan +2 Korea +1 Japan PM Abe says N. Korean move is 'forward motion' but results essential

Israel +1 Jerusalem Jerusalem municipality completes signs for new US embassy

Poland +1 Holocaust Women’s experience in the Holocaust focus of new book by survivor turned scholar

Israel Natalie Portman +1 Natalie Portman responds to Genesis Prize boycott backlash

Israel Tragedy in the South: A toddler drowned in pool in southern Israel

DJ/Producer Avicii Dead At 28

Israel Natalie Portman Natalie Portman on prize snub: ‘I didn’t want to appear to endorse Netanyahu’

Israel Gaza Strip +2 IDF probing report, video of 15-year-old said killed in Gaza clashes

Israel +1 Donald Trump +3 Israel to investigate killing of 15-year-old in Gaza border, says Trump envoy Greenblatt

David Copperfield forced to reveal signature trick by lawsuit

European Union +2 France's Le Maire: EU needs 'full' exemption from U.S. tariffs

Israel +1 Gaza Strip +2 Trump’s State Department no longer calls West Bank ‘occupied’ in annual report

North Korea +2 Donald Trump +2 North Korea says it will suspend nuclear and missile testing

North Korea +1 North Korea suspends nuclear missile trials, plans to close test site

North Korea +1 N.Korea says it will stop nuclear tests, abolish test site

Holocaust ‘Denial’ star Rachel Weisz pregnant at 48

United States Central Intelligence Agency +1 Internal review cleared Trump's CIA pick in videotape destruction

Germany Berlin +1 WWII bomb defused in Berlin after large evacuation in city center

Israel Natalie Portman After Israel snub, Natalie Portman won’t get to distribute Genesis Prize money

PTSD plagues Israel’s undercover special ops fighters

Yemen Twenty killed in air strike in southwest Yemen, according to residents

Israel Gaza Strip +1 UN envoy accuses Israel of killing innocent children in tweet

Israel +1 Donald Trump +2 Under Trump, U.S. human rights report no longer calls West Bank 'occupied'

Yemen Twenty killed in air strike in southwest Yemen - residents

United States Democratic National Committee +1 Trump campaign calls DNC lawsuit 'frivolous'

Oman +1 Avicii, DJ-producer who performed around the world, dies at 28

Israel +1 Netanyahu US Jewry no longer in Netanyahu's pocket

Germany +1 Berlin +1 Berlin Jewish community launches 'wear a kippa' campaign after Israeli Arab posing as Jew attacked

France +2 Donald Trump Trump, France's Macron to discuss Iran nuclear deal next week

Israel Gaza Strip +3 UN envoy tells ‘outrageous’ Israel to stop shooting children in Gaza

Israel Gaza Strip +4 UN's Mideast envoy blasts Israel over Gaza deaths: 'Stop shooting children'

Israel Hamas +2 Minister appeals to Natalie Portman: You have been fooled by Hamas propoganda

Israel Jerusalem +2 Jewish Insider's Daily Kickoff: April 20, 2018

China +3 US says China, Iran, Russia are 'forces for instability'

Turkey +1 United States Senate Two-thirds of US Senate pushes Turkey to release pastor

Russia +2 Russia: US did not violate red lines during Syria strikes

Sweden Teens apologize for threatening to bomb Swedish synagogue

Russia Kaspersky Lab +1 Twitter bans ads from Russia's Kaspersky Lab

National Football League The anti-Semitism controversy surrounding NFL prospect Josh Rosen, explained

Israel Gaza Strip +1 4 Palestinians killed in fourth week of demonstrations along Gaza border

Israel Palestinians +1 Palestinian property damaged in suspected anti-Arab hate crimes for fourth time this week

Iran +3 As Iran threatens Israel, Liberman says ‘we have never been so ready’

France +1 France says Russia obstructing access to chemical weapon attack site

Israel +1 Military Congressional reps pen letter requesting U.S. Army acquire Iron Dome

Israel Though he was no inventor, Rube Goldberg’s ‘machines’ made him a household name

China +5 U.S. labels China, Iran, North Korea, Russia as 'morally reprehensible' regimes

Russia +1 Democracy +2 Democrats sue Trumps, Kushner and Russians over election hacking

Israel Gaza Strip +2 Palestinians fly swastika kite with petrol bomb across Gaza border into Israel

Vatican Memoir of secretly baptized Jewish boy kidnapped by Vatican under new scrutiny

Iran +1 Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Iran's Revolutionary Guards threaten Israel: 'Finger's on the trigger, missiles ready for launch’

Germany German +1 Artists return German music awards over honored rappers' antisemitic scandal

Germany +2 German US says it caught Syrian-German linked to 9/11

Israel Israeli defense minister shrugs off video threat

Iraq +2 Gulf Coast of the United States Iraq resumes payments of Gulf War reparations to Kuwait

Russia +1 Democracy +1 Democratic Party sues Russia, Trump campaign for allegedly disrupting 2016 election

Iran +1 Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Iran's Revolutionary Guards threaten Israel: 'Finger's on the trigger, missiles ready for launch’

Israel Israel is a permanent work in progress

Germany German +1 Report: Dozens of neo-Nazis serving in German police, army

Israel Israel's Independence celebrations were a big show of insecurity

Love is not enough

Iran +4 Donald Trump Trump's disengagement from Syria is more important than the embassy move

Germany German German theater asks guests to wear swastikas for Hitler play

Syria United Nations U.N. envoy says pushing inspectors "to do their job" in Syria's Douma

Holocaust ‘Jews control weather’ politician walks out midway through Holocaust museum tour

Russia +1 Democracy +2 U.S. Democratic party files lawsuit against Russia, Trump campaign, Wikileaks

Germany +1 German German LGBT group closes bank account to protest BDS activity

Senior Likud MK appeals directly to Gazans in Arabic: ‘Quit terror’

Russia +1 Democracy +1 U.S. Democratic party files lawsuit against Russia, Trump campaign, Wikileaks

Israel Jerusalem +2 Natalie Portman to keep $2m Genesis Prize despite boycotting Israel ceremony, sources say

Czech Republic +3 German German neo-Nazis mass for festival on Hitler’s birthday

Turkey Turkish parliament approves snap elections for June

Israel +3 Russia’s ‘moral obligation’ not to sell air defense to Syria is over — Lavrov

Holocaust DC politician who peddled Rothschild conspiracy leaves tour of Holocaust museum early

Israel Arsenal F.C. +1 A grateful farewell to Arsene Wenger, from a fan and his kids far away in Israel

Israel +1 Jerusalem Romanian president speaks out against government's proposal to move embassy to Jerusalem

Russia +2 United Nations Russia tells U.N. envoy U.S-led strikes on Syria hurt peace process

Middle East 'The Man Who Stole Banksy' tells Middle East street art tale

Israel +1 Tel Aviv The Swiss woman spreading the gospel of 'intelligent, feminist, life-changing' porn

Iran +1 Liberman says Iran should 'think carefully' about agitating Israel

Israel Going on 71: Israel, when the glitter’s gone

France Muslim woman who refused handshake denied French citizenship

European Union +4 Romanian president slams plan to move Israel embassy

Syria Islam +2 Islamic State group to give up last pocket in Syrian capital

Egypt +2 South Sudan says military chief has died during Egypt visit

Germany German German theater asks guests to wear swastikas for Hitler play

Israel Giving the Jews of Port Said a name that will endure forever

Israel Gaza Strip +2 Palestinians say Gazan killed by IDF sniper fire near border

Iran +1 Iran: Direct confrontation with Israel will end in its destruction

Iran +1 Netanyahu +1 In Iran-Israel spar, Netanyahu says Iran will pay a heavy price

Israel Israel Defense Forces Judge cuts loose teens who accused IDF officer of ‘shooting at Jews’

Israel Israel Defense Forces +1 Palestinians report one Gazan resident shot dead by IDF in border skirmishes

Israel Israel, a new year: 7 things to know for April 20

Iran +1 Iran to Israel: Fingers are on the trigger, missiles are ready to launch

Iran +1 Israel Defense Forces +1 Iranian general warns Israeli air bases are ‘within reach’

Iran +1 Donald Trump Iranian FM warns of ‘unfavorable measures’ if US pulls out of nuke deal

Israel Gaza Strip +3 One Palestinian reported wounded as fourth week of Gaza protests begin

Iran +1 Israel Defense Forces +1 Netanyahu: IDF ready for any development with Iran

Israel Gaza Strip +3 Palestinian said critically injured in fresh Gaza border clashes

Sri Lanka Police Sri Lanka beefs up tourist hotspot security after Israelis beaten up

Israel On 70th anniversary, Israel's economy growing as some sectors lag behind

Israel +1 Natalie Portman Culture minister says Natalie Portman has ‘fallen into BDS hands’

Russia +2 Bashar Hafez al-Assad +3 Trump invites Putin to the U.S., offers visit to Moscow, Russia says

Russia +1 Russia says hard to know if Syria's borders will remain as they are

Israel Gaza Strip +2 Ahead of Gaza protests, IDF drops leaflets warning Gazans: 'Hamas endangers your lives'

Iran +1 Gaza Strip +6 Israel threatens kill Hamas leaders in response to Islamic Jihad video

Israel Natalie Portman Culture Minister Miri Regev: Natalie Portman succumbed to BDS

Israel Palestinians ‘Expel or kill’ graffitied in Palestinian town in fourth such incident this week

Israel +1 Jerusalem +1 Romania's president dispels rumors of embassy move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem

Israel Palestinians Hate graffiti sprayed on cars in Palestinian village

Israel Natalie Portman Culture Minister Miri Regev: Natalie Portman succumbed to BDS

Israel +1 Orthodox Rabbi Rafael Grossman, who strengthened Jewish life in the South, dies at 84

Russia +1 Donald Trump +1 Russia says Trump invited Putin to U.S. during phone call

Syria Syrian army bombards Yarmouk camp, war monitor says

North Korea +3 Donald Trump Russia says will not offer to host Trump meeting with N.Korea's Kim

How a Jewish civil rights group became a villain on the far-left

Russia +2 Bashar Hafez al-Assad Questions and conclusions following US-led Syrian strikes

Germany Berlin +1 WWII bomb forces mass evacuation in central Berlin

Russia +1 Donald Trump +1 Russia says Trump invited Putin to US during phone call

Russia +1 Bashar Hafez al-Assad Russia says no reason not to supply S-300 missiles to Assad

Israel Gaza Strip +1 IDF prepares for another round of violent protests on Gaza border

Russia +1 Donald Trump +1 In Comey memos, Trump talks of Russin prostitutes, jailed journalists

Natalie Portman Genesis Prize ceremony canceled as Natalie Portman declines attendence

Israel Gaza Strip +2 Israel drops leaflets warning Gaza protesters to keep away from fence

Iran +1 Iran warns of 'unpleasant' response if US drops nuclear deal

Israel Gaza Strip +1 IDF drops flyers in Gaza warning against approaching fence

Syria +1 Pentagon Man linked to 9/11 attacks on US captured in Syria -Pentagon

Israel +1 California California man charged with hate crimes over threats to Jews

Haaretz Cartoon

Israel We must deal with the Nakba

Saudi Arabia Cinema launch ends decades-old Saudi ban

Europe +2 England beats Israel in lacrosse game

China +1 Report: China envoy says China will retaliate if U.S. insists on trade war

Israel A festive Independence Day sail down Israel’s coast — with some engine trouble

Israel +1 Palestinians Greenblatt says Palestinians have 'right to protest dire circumstances'

Israel Israel Prize winner Miriam Peretz: I won’t give up parts of my people

Israel Google Google salutes Israel on its 70th anniversary

Iran +4 Donald Trump Trump's disengagement from Syria is more important than the embassy move

United States Holocaust +1 Washington Councilman who made anti-Semitic remarks rushes Holocaust Museum visit

Germany +2 German +3 US: German jihadist tied to 9/11 attacks caught in Syria

United States Donald Trump +1 Comey says in memos Trump showed concerns about leaks, loyalty, dossier

Russia +1 Donald Trump +1 Rudy Giuliani to join Trump legal team in Russia probe

Israel Gal Gadot-Varsano Gal Gadot makes 'Time 100' list

Israel +1 Africa +1 When Jews are outsiders in their own home

Syria +1 Pentagon Man linked to 9/11 attacks on U.S. captured in Syria, Pentagon says

Democracy Democrats eye Jewish votes in bid to win House of Representatives

Germany German +1 Artists return German music award over rappers’ Holocaust lyrics

Israel Rank & File: 70-year-old man celebrates birthday with Israel

Israel Netanyahu How Netanyahu hijacked Israel's Independence day ceremony

Israel Natalie Portman Genesis Prize cancels ceremony after 2018 winner Natalie Portman said she won’t visit Israel

Israel How family dynamics explain global Jewry

Israel +1 Israel Defense Forces Yesh Gvul holds 21st alternative torch ceremony

Europe +1 Festival of Freedman

Israel +1 Natalie Portman Natalie Portman refuses to collect prize in Israel citing ‘recent events’

70, I mean 13, women who don’t roar

Russia +1 U.S. tells Russia to address election concerns, chemical weapons

Europe +2 Africa +3 Forty UN Ambassadors bring in Israel’s 70th anniversary

Chelsea F.C. Chelsea steps up awareness in fight against antisemitism

Israel +1 Donald Trump +1 US warns Gazans to keep ‘safe distance’ from Israeli border ahead of new protest

Israel +1 Bashar Hafez al-Assad +4 Despite reports of accord, Syrian government bombs ISIS-held zones in Damascus

Israel Natalie Portman Genesis Prize cancels ceremony after Natalie Portman declines Israel visit

Israel +1 Jerusalem +1 Romania to move its embassy to Jerusalem, minister says

Israel Netanyahu Under pressure and embarrassed, Milchan refused requests for luxury gifts from Netanyahu and his wife

Column One: Time to cut JVP down to size

European Union +4 Jerusalem Romania begins process for possible move of its embassy to Jerusalem

Israel Israel Defense Forces Mother of fallen IDF soldiers awarded Israel Prize for youth work

Editor's Notes: Time to be proud

Israel Netanyahu Grapevine: Kudos for Netanyahu

Iran +1 Report: Iran warns of 'unpleasant' response if U.S. drops nuclear deal

Israel My Word: A word in time

Israel Time for unity

Israel Know Comment: 70 years of strategic success

Israel Israel at 70: What’s next?

Israel Author David Grossman awarded prestigious Israel Prize on 70th Independence Day

Israel As we celebrate Independence Day... how is Israel Jewish?

Syria Bashar Hafez al-Assad +1 Assad still has ‘limited’ chemical capability, Pentagon says

Israel Knesset A dishonorable burial of the constitutional regime

Israel’s secret weapon

France +2 Ingathering of the exiles: The Jews who found the Promised Land

Israel 'I wanted my children to live in dignity among Jews’

Albania From a communist country to the Jewish state

Israel +1 Africa 'This is the only place where I can fulfill my Jewish dream’

France +1 'I saw cops ignoring protestors giving the Nazi salute’

Iraq +1 The last Jew who made aliyah from Iraq

Israel +1 'People used to steal money, today they steal food’

Israel Israel Defense Forces From the ‘Donetsk hell’ to Israel

What makes Iron Dome so important to Israelis?

Israel Israel at 70: One nation, one heart

Syria Pentagon Pentagon: Sarin likely at Syria sites, but questions remain

European Union +3 Jerusalem Defying EU policy, Romania advances proposal to move embassy to Jerusalem

Saudi Arabia Four Saudi security forces killed by gunmen in southern province

Israel Jerusalem Man lightly injured by Molotov cocktail in Jerusalem

Israel Israel Defense Forces IDF soldier arrested for suspicion of stealing army equipment

Israel 22-year-old shot, critically wounded in Jaffa

Israel +1 Donald Trump From Truman to Trump

Israel Knesset +1 Edelstein: Netanyahu credibility hurt after ‘ruining’ Independence Day event

Turkey +1 U.S. has 'concerns' about Turkey holding fair vote under state of emergency

Israel Netanyahu Netanyahu-Edelstein fight mars torch-lighting ceremony

Air Force releases immersive pilot’s-eye video of flyover acrobatics

Israel +1 Jerusalem Member of Romanian ruling party: "We'll transfer the embassy to Jerusalem"

Israel Israel Defense Forces April 20, 2018: IDF's Morality

Russia North Atlantic Treaty Organization Top Russian, NATO generals hold rare face-to-face meeting

Israel Palestinians Key faction says will boycott rare Palestinian parliament session

Israel +1 Facebook +1 New York fraternity suspended after anti-Semitic, racist videos released

Israel +1 Donald Trump +2 At AIPAC, a Trump-Netanyahu marriage made in heaven. At J Street, in hell

Israel Gaza Strip +3 Ahead of Friday's Gaza protest, Islamic Jihad video shows IDF commanders in crosshairs

Israel Israel Defense Forces +1 WATCH: IDF paratroopers, veterans take Independence Day leap

Diaz-Canel replaces Raul Castro as Cuba’s president, marking end of an era

North Korea +2 DNA +1 Chimps and humans are genetically prone to war, new study finds

Iran +1 Netanyahu +1 Netanyahu urges foreign diplomats to speak out against Iran

France +1 United Nations Rockets hit Libya airport as U.N., French officials visit to talk peace

Iran +1 Gaza Strip +5 Islamic Jihad sets sniper sights on senior IDF commanders in new video

Israel Jerusalem Road closures due to ultra-orthodox protests in Jerusalem

Poland Holocaust Poland marks 75th anniversary of uprising in Warsaw Ghetto

Israel Jerusalem One person injured by Molotov cocktail in east Jerusalem neighborhood

Israel Israel Defense Forces 32 out of 120 outstanding soldiers honored by the president born abroad

Iran Rivlin: 'We must do anything possible to stop Iran's evil regime'

Chief of Staff condemns signs against battalion commander of Samaria

Israel Israel Defense Forces Some 350,000 people visit IDF bases across the country

Israel Jerusalem +1 Netanyahu: At least six states in ‘serious’ talks to move embassies to Jerusalem

Syria Syria retains limited capability for chemical attack in future

Israel Jerusalem +1 Netanyahu: Preferential treatment given for first 10 embassies moving to Jerusalem

Israel Barnard College students vote to ask administration to divest from Israel

United States Holocaust +1 South Carolina takes important step toward antisemitism bill

Europe +1 Gaza Strip +2 In first, European Parliament condemns Hamas for terror, use of human shields

Israel Palestinians 20,000 Israeli Arabs march to mark 'catastrophe' of Israeli War of Independence

Israel Palestinians Key faction says will boycott rare Palestinian parliament session

Iran Video shows Iran's morality police beating woman for 'insufficient' head covering

North Korea +1 Korea N. Korean leader removes major nuclear sticking point

United States New York New York, Nu York: I Am Ashamed of My Alma Mater

The Commonwealth - a role in the peace process?

Israel What makes Israel tick?

Endorsements and Explorations

Israel Gaza Strip Gaza protest camps moved closer to Israel border fence

Syria Rebels in Syria's south brace for onslaught, fear wider war

Israel Israel's Azriel Shilat wins 2018 International Bible Quiz

Memory in the Living Room

France +3 U.S., U.K. and France Right to Strike Syria

70 Years Young

Israel Fruit flies have mind-blowing orgasms, Israeli scientists prove

North Korea +2 Anti-nuclear group backs US-N. Korea talks

United States Donald Trump Trump leaves open possibility of bailing on meeting with Kim

Iran +1 US hopes for success in talks with Europeans on "fixing" Iran nuclear deal